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About me

የወይን is an Ethiopian architectural technologist and designer, with a deep passion for interactive media, artificial intelligence, creative technology, design, extended reality, and architecture. Her educational background is firmly rooted in engineering and design, providing a solid foundation for her innovative pursuits. Yewoinhareg's postgraduate studies at SciArc were dedicated to the exploration of contemporary and cutting-edge technologies. She honed her skills in software and platform development, with a primary focus on advanced computational research. This expertise led to the development of applications and interactive software design, incorporating game engines, machine vision, and AI. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements has been the key to expanding her design horizons. Yewoinhareg is recognized as a featured designer and architect in the SAY IT LOUD, Maryland Virtual Exhibition. She actively participated in the Maryland AIA chapter's student awards program and conducted in-depth research on "sustainable rehabilitation in the City of Baltimore" for the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure. Additionally, her project on designing smart cities earned representation at the 18th Architecture Biennale Venice Virtual Pavilion. Currently, Yewoinhareg is engrossed in an innovative project—a cutting-edge application that seamlessly integrates text-to-image Artificial Intelligence. This application utilizes near real-time image transformation to visualize diverse perceptions of the same environment. This innovative work allows her to explore the development of AI-driven interactive applications, transforming our physical environment in real time.


M.S. Architectural Technologies (with distinction)

Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc) | Los Angeles, California, United States

Master of Architecture

Morgan State University (MSU) | Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology and Management

Addis Ababa University (AAU) | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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Represented at the 18th Architecture Biennale Venice Virtual Pavilion for the project designing smart cities

Biennale Venice Virtual Pavilion

Recent project “other” was published in the article elledecoritalia

Architettura e didattica: in cerca di nuovi orizzonti educative

Featured designer/architect in the SAY IT LOUD – Maryland Virtual & Baltimore Exhibition